Site Admins

In addition to accessing the management sections, Site Admins (also known as Site Owners) have “full control” of their CCBs, including the ability to delete the forms, clone them, create new forms, plus other tasks outlined in this Help section. Typically, only a few people are given access to a CCB at the Site Admin level, since they require an “expert” understanding of the CCB and its many capabilities.


The majority of your CCB users will be assigned at the Contribute level (also known as Member level). This allows them to add, delete, modify, and export Accomplishment data, create Graphs, Graph folders, and Saved Views, plus add Indicator data, Key Events, and Participant Description data.

Contribute Variations

There are a few customized access levels that modify the typical Contribute-level permissions in the following ways:

  • Contribute Minus Delete: All the same permissions as a contributor without the ability to delete entries.​
  • Contribute Minus Delete – View Own: All the same permissions as a contributor without the ability to delete entries. Can only view their own items.
  • Contribute – View Own: All the same permissions as a contributor but can only view items they created.​
  • Data Admin – Secondary Scoring: Assign this role to anyone who needs to do Secondary Scoring, but does not need the full control of a Site Admin.​

These customized levels aren’t utilized often but are available upon request with a better understanding of your needs.


The Read-level access (also known as Visitor level) is seldom used, since it takes the “look, don’t touch” approach to accessing CCB data. Anyone with Read access, can do the following:

  • View Accomplishments with any available custom views and download .csv data files.
  • View Graph folders and graph icons (only).

Users with Read permissions cannot do the following:

  • View individual Accomplishment entries by selecting/clicking on them, since this is an “Edit” feature.
  • View individual graphs, since this is an “Edit Mode” feature.
  • Upload, update, delete, or modify any entries in the system. Only the download function is accessible.​